Child Custody Investigation

Getting the Facts You Need to Win a Custody Suit is often the most important thing a parent can do for their children.

YOU know that you are the best parent to care for your child. Now you need to convince a Judge. Our Private Investigators understand that the Custody of your children is the most important battle of your life. Our Private Investigators have the Tools and Experience to arm you with the facts you will need to be successful in Court.

The court will make child custody decisions based on what is in the “best Interest” of the child if the parents can’t come to an agreement. This aspect can be the most complicated and controversial part of the case.

Factors in determining Child Custody

  1.  Stability, lifestyle, health and schedules of the parents
  2.  Criminal Records, involvement in criminal activity past or present or association of any criminal element
  3. Evidence of child abuse or neglect. Any unfounded accusations of abuse by a parent about  the other parent
  4. Domestic violence or other complaints against a parent
  5. Evidence of Alcohol or drug abuse of a parent
  6. Parenting skills
  7. Ability to provide food, shelter, and education for the child
  8. The Morality of the parents
  9. The physical and emotional health of the parents
  10. The home environment of the parents
  11. The parents willingness to encourage the child’s relationship with the other parent
  12. Abduction or abandonment of the child or other defiance of legal process by one of the  parents
  13. The care and affection shown to the child by the parents
  14. The financial standing of the parents
  15. The parents past and current conduct
  16. Does the parent associate with anyone the child should not be around
  17. Divorce and child custody investigation

The Private Investigators at Virginia Private Investigative Service have years of experience working hundreds of cases that enable us to:

  • Document where your children are when with your estranged spouse
  • Document the environment they are exposed to.
  • Investigate the backgrounds of persons your children are exposed to when with your estranged spouse.
  • Investigate the measures taken by your estranged spouse to ensure that your children are safe.
  • Investigate the Lifestyle of your estranged spouse as it pertains to the general well being of your children.
  • Testify in court if needed.

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